Grilled Manchego

Imported Spanish Manchego cheese seared on the griddle, served with a fresh salsa verde


Fried Sweet Plantains

Imported from Costa Rica, naturally sweet with almost caramelized taste.


Tortilla Spagnola

Cafe Brazil’s special frittata, oven baked with spinach, potato, and smoked Gouda, served over organic field greens with papaya seed dressing.


Lula Frita

Ringlets of calamari lightly dusted with flour, fried until golden brown, served with a warmed herbed tomato broth, dressed with lemon and lime juice.


Grilled Collard Greens

Hand-cut, organic, fresh from the field, with hints of garlic, Pecorino Romano cheese, and a fresh aji of campana.


Portobello Mushrooms

Grilled and oven baked with a spicy cayenne béchamel cream sauce, and toasted sesame seeds.


Maduros al Horno (Sit-down Only)

Sweet ripe plantains, oven baked with Pecorino Romano and Monterey Jack cheese.


Sausage and Peppers

Canino’s mild and hot sausage with grilled sweet onions, red and green peppers, rich savory Campari tomato sauce, topped with gypsy chiles.



Cabo Verde

Organic field greens salad with avocado, mango, candied pecans, blackened North Atlantic cod, large prawns, and pickled gypsy chiles.


Matthambre (Vegetarian Version Available)

Slow-braised brisket of beef and organic root vegetables (Peruvian red and Dutch gold potatoes, assorted carrots, turnip, and parsnip) simmered in a saffron vegetable broth, with grilled Black Tiger prawns.


Seafood Copacabana

A delicious combination of shrimp and scallops sautéed with garlic, shallots, white wine, coconut milk, and cream. Hints of lime juice, finished with Italian parsley and Parmesan cheese. Served with rice and vegetables.


La Bahiana

Organic field greens salad with hearts of palm, avocado, aged cheddar, blue claw lump crabmeat, large prawns, and pickled gypsy chiles.


Cazuela Colombiana

Rich marriage of large prawns and chicken breast simmered in a spicy, herbed tomato broth, hints of coconut milk, grilled onions, Gorgonzola cheese, and cayenne pepper. Served stew style over rice, garnished with green onions, cucumbers, and Italian parsley.


Moqueca de Peixe

An irresistible dish of large prawns, Bacalhau, and sea scallops, with dende oil, shallots, ginger, tomato, and coconut milk. Served stew style over rice.


Pasta Zangado

Penne rigate tossed with a medley of garden vegetables in a spicy tomato and coconut milk sauce with, hints of Gorgonzola dolce and grilled onions. Topped with grated Pecorino cheese, hot pepper, and Italian parsley.


Frango com Coco (Vegetarian Version Available)

A savory dish of chicken and garden vegetables in a sweet-hot curry coconut milk sauce, with dende oil, garlic, shallots, ginger, and fresh coconut meat. Served over rice and garnished with toasted coconut and green onions.


La Juliana

A slow-roasted, pulled Berkshire pork shoulder with a sweet-hot Valencia orange sauce, rice, sautéed collard greens, baked sweet plantains, and large prawns.


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