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Rum Flights

Rum flights consist of three servings of 3/4-oz. pours.

Our rum selections will introduce you to unique offerings from around the world. Sample cask-aged barrel rums that hint of Spain’s great sherries (olorosos). Or choose a flight to the Caribbean with flavors of tropical fruit, toffee, and vanilla. As you can see, in the Rum Room, there are many styles and characteristics for you to discover.

Everyone’s ($13)

Mexico: Gustoso Isle of Fiji / France: Plantation Puerto Rico: Don Q Reserva 7

Whiskey Lover’s ($16)

Haiti: Barbancourt 15 Barbados: The Real McCoy 12 Nicaragua: Flor de Cana 18

The 12 Year Old ($15)

Panama: Abuelo Guyana: El Dorado Venezuela: Diplomatico – Reserva Exclusiva

Solera ($15)

Peru: Cartavio 12 Trinidad and Tobago: Zaya 16 Guatemala: Zacapa 23

Agricole ($16)

Martinique: Clement V.S.O.P Martinique: Neisson Martinique: Rhum J.M.

Connoisseur’s ($27)

Guyana: El Dorado 21 Panama: Zafra 21 Jamaica: Appleton 21



Brazil  Leblon (Cachaça)


Saint Lucia Chairman’s Reserve


Colombia Parce 12


Venezuela Santa Teresa


Dominican Republic Brugal 1888


Barbados Mount Gay XO




CAIPIRINHA ($11) – Brazil’s Signature Cocktail: Cachaça, Muddled Lime, Sugar

MOJITO ($11.50): White Rum, Sparkling Water, Muddled Mint, Lime, Sugar

LULADA ($11): Aguardiente, Muddled Lime, Lulo Juice

BATIDA ($11)  White Rum or Cachaça, Tropical Juice

DARK ’N’ STORMY ($11): Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Ginger Beer

CUBA LIBRE ($11):  Cockspur Añejo Rum, Lime, Cola

CORN ’N’ OIL ($14.50): 12-year old Rum, Falernum, Angostura Bitters

HEMINGWAY’S FOLLY ($13): White Rum, Rotham and Winter’s Orchard Cherry Liqueur, Lime, Freshsqueezed Grapefruit Juice, Ginger Syrup

EL NACIONAL ($13): Scarlet Ibis Rum, Apricot Brandy, Pineapple Juice, Lime, Simple Syrup

SANGRIA ($11): Red Wine, Rum, Tropical Juices, Spices

MOUTHWATERING DRINK OF THE DAY: Ask your server to tempt you with the details!



XINGU GOLD ($6): Lager from Brazil

XINGU DARK ($6): Lager from Brazil

DADOBIER ($6): Lager from Brazil

ODELL ($6): IPA from Fort Collins (CO)

CLAUSTHALER ($5): Non alcoholic from Germany

DAURA ($6.50): Gluten free from Spain



IRISH WHISKEY ($13): Redbreast

BOURBON ($12):  J. W. Kelly, Oppidan (Smoke + Sea)

RYE ($12): Pinhook

SCOTCH WHISKEY ($13): 12-year old Glenfiddich, Tullibardine 500

VODKA ($10): Colorado Vodka

TEQUILA (1 oz. / 2 oz.): Arette Blanco ($10 / $16), Azuñia Añejo ($12 / $20), Casamigos Reposado ($12 / $20)

MEZCAL (1 oz. / 2 oz.): La Luna Cupreata ($12 / $20)

Bailey’s, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, St. Germain ($10)

Drunken Coffee ($10): Spike your coffee with one of our liqueurs

juices/other beverages


Blackberry, Guanabana, Guava, Lulo, Mango, Mora, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Tamarindo ($6)

Sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale ($3.25); Guarana ($3.75)

Sparkling Water ($4.25)

Ginger Beer ($3.75)

Hibiscus Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Coffee ($3.50)

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